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Fastest Response for Jumpstarts in Knoxville Tennessee

We have a team of extremely competent technicians on our team that are able to assist you any time during the day or the night, holidays and weekends. Our licensed, insured and bonded company is the most reputable in Knoxville.

We offer these 24-hour emergency services because of that fact. We are confident in our ability help provide you with the highest quality towing or jumpstart in the Knoxville area. We are car experts, before we arrive we know the exact layout of your car so that there are no surprises when we arrive, thus saving you time and getting you to where you need to be faster.

Knoxville Towing is able to jumpstart your battery, unlock your car if you happened to lock your keys in, or get you up and running and to where you need to be.

We strive to be your #1 choice for Towing and Auto Locksmith Services in Knoxville.

Our goals is to give you stress free service. We will jump your battery and have you on your way with the serenity that the job was done safely. We are a 24/7 towing and auto locksmith provider and there is nothing that makes us feel better than helping our customers in their time of need.

There is no situation that we can’t help you in, we’ve seen it all. 

Up against a narrow spot in the garage? No problem, we have portable jump starters.
We love a challenge, give us a call and we are happy to help.


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