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You got into a car accident. It’s unfortunate but it happens. Hopefully everyone is safe and uninjured. Next step is to call the police to come asses the damage. They will make the call whether the vehicles must be towed from the scene of the accident. Based on the severity of the damage to your vehicle, your insurance company could deem your car totaled. You have a few options in this situation, the most popular being to donate the car to a non-profit. You can just notify them and they will sent a tow truck to come get your vehicle. Let me know to contact us for the best, streamlined way to do this.

How many good tow truck experiences have you had? You call the wrecker and they say they will be there in 20-30 minutes but the next thing you know, you are waiting for an hour or two. We strive to never give you that experience. Our tow trucks will show up in the time that we estimate so you are never guessing where you tow truck is. 

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